Custom Mods For EMO

What if there was a way where, you can probably use the app, and make your own modifications to him. Including the headphones lights, custom dance, eye color, and his foot movement. Also with custom expressions. And you can select how long it goes on for. For example, if I wanted him to look angry, I want to choose all day. If I want his eyes to look like this :happy:with his eyes. Also dose my custom costume for EMO look like those things from Star Wars? And his favorite color is yellow. When they add the eye color change, I’m going to change is eyes to yellow. Now he really is this those things. :happy:

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Is his name “EMO Wicket” or “EMO Ewok”?

Looks pretty good.


EMO Ewok. Definitely. That who he will be.


I live near two actual ewoks, the actors, living not far from me, here in uk