Custom duty charges?

I am from India and thinking to buy EMO,
But i have heard that living ai use local delivery partner not the DHL/fedex.
And for that it takes too much time and also gets stuck on custom.
One person told me he had to pay extra 120 dollars to custom just to get it and he has to reach the airport for getting it.
This actually is a big turnoff, if someone from team can shed light on issue and give me some assurance/clarity over this. I really want to own EMO.

Duties, Tariffs, taxes, and VAT are imposed by the countries of destination. It has nothing to do with the method of shipping.


Hi all. I too am from India and my order was shipped 2 days ago. Any idea which courier will it be sent from ? I was trying to track on 17track website and it’s asking me to select the courier and I’m not aware of it. Please help me on this.
Thanks in advance.

There is an automatic selection available in 17track. Every time I’ve used it, it automatically selects the correct courier based on the tracking number but you can manually override that if you need to for some reason.

Thank you for the response. I have tried with the Auto option enabled and it said multiple possible carriers available. Then I tried with all the options and none of them showed up the details. As per tracking, the package is currently received in Hongkong from Shenzhen.

Also do you think that we might have to pay additional amount for the customs and all ?


Most people have not had to pay any duty, but that depends on your own country’s customs service. You’d have to ask others from your specific country if they paid anything or not?

Sure. Thank you for your response.


Hi, just wanted to let you know that the I’m able to get the tracking details in the 17track website now. Seems like it took couple days time to get updated in the site.

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Depends, in Europe you’re paying custom duties if you buy from outside of Europe or even EU sometimes