Current EMO status (long text)


about EMO for weeks I’ve been following the reports here on the forum.

Regarding the delay in shipping updates of the products to the buyers, I do not want to take a “bath in cold water” after the delay of the Lunar New Year holiday and the emergence of dozens of reports of EMOS with crack defect with later confirmation of being a manufacturing issue with your supplier/project I believe there will be a minimum of a 30 day delay for resuming the production line in the best case scenario being sensible I believe there will be a delay of at least 60 days until you see production ramp up again.

You must ask yourself why? The answer is not due to 1 isolated factor but to several at the same time, first referring to the supplier Living will have to decide to keep the current supplier or opt for a new one, if they decide to keep it, a second problem comes in if the defect is in the mold or in the production phase or if the defect is in the project, if it turns out to be a project, adjustments and new tests will be necessary, with this more delays. That said, there is still the replacement of the defective units and to again follow the schedule.

But deadlines?

I can’t beat a certain date but if the analyzes are correct. A new movement will begin to be noticed from the second half of April. With purchases made in November, December and January being received by buyers in mid-August or September, we have worst-case scenarios. My advice don’t wait to receive your EMO until May seen the current production.

Complementary technical text.

  1. Supplier replacement. The replacement can take months even though it is in China and it is necessary to analyze supply and manufacturing capacity for demand, production quality and mainly costs per manufactured unit (because it is no use being very good to be commercially very expensive) and the opposite happens if it is very cheap low quality (An exchange of these proportions would take up to 60 days until the first parts are available for the first tests.)

  2. Following the logic, after the initial tests, the process would be started on a mass production scale, at this stage more tests would be carried out to verify the defect solution. Once resolved, it returns to the normal cycle.

  3. Assuming that it does not resolve and it is necessary to explore where the defect is, now if the project remains in the manufacture of the part or in the final assembly, for more than 30 days in delay.

So that Living can meet the deadlines. A weekly production of at least 750 units per week would be required. And 3 thousand unit month

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I agree with you. Still I don’t see any explanation why they completely stopped communication with their customers. They got money in advance from about 10k people. I think that they should inform us frequently, we deserve it. I can’t imagine any good reason why they are silent. Of course there is one explanation but I still hope that this isn’t that case. Maybe I’m too naive or I just really want my EMO and I’m not able to admit that it’s not going to happen.


Based on Wayne Zhang’s account, apparently Living is currently checking all units manufactured to locate defective units. I believe that they will only officially position it when they have already solved the problem, I believe that the silence is due to the fact that they do not know the extent of the problem or do not know or have not been able to solve the problem

Ok, here is an example:

Dear customers we are now solving a problem with XYZ. We will inform you about the progress soon.

Do you know how long it took me to wrote those two sentences? One minute.


super simple as you said yourself and would give credibility and trust to customers. (Dear, due to the XYZ problem. Unfortunately we were forced to interrupt production, we do not have a forecast to resume due to the last defects presented, we will update this post in x days)


these are very disconcerting issues being discussed here… A company that so many people have trusted and then I’m reading a conversation about they don’t answer emails production has stopped … So am I out my $400 dollars… It’s bad enough thinking about waiting for months just to get a product it’s ridiculous.anyway this conversation that you people are talking about certainly sounds very upsetting…

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I still hope that they become alive again. There is nothing else we can do.

Guys stay calm. Im also still waiting but if they would have run out of money there would be no Emo Firmware updates anymore. Last update is 4 days ago?


On unrelated or little related question, what happened to the legal case vs. living AI btw? I haven;t read any updates so far.

They apparently lost! What does this mean now?

Only @Wayne_Zhang knows.

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Is there something that I don’t know?
Lost what? Please what’s happened!

Wayne_Z as just confirmed it to be untrue
Thanks Wayne again

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I’m not from Living. The purpose of this text is to give a little perspective of what is happening behind the scenes of the company, the delay in leaving new orders. My goal is to give dates so we don’t have to worry about missing information right now. I’m not judging and I’m not talking about culprits


The V CEO put out a video that V won it’s court case against Living and Living was ordered to cease production.


Please read other thread Wayne will explain when he can…