Curious about new firmware update information!

Perhaps you said that a video related to a new firmware update will be uploaded this week, but I am very curious about what it will be about.

Now, many Korean orders have received the EMO, among which the common opinion of the members of the A.i community I run is that “EMO has a very sensuous and interesting appearance, but it is disappointing compared to the functions of other A.i speakers.”

This is an undeniable reality. However, I think that if LIVING faithfully realizes the promised function, good evaluation can be obtained.

Now, can you please release the new firmware update information? :slight_smile:


Yes I agree what happen to the We are continuing to focus now in new improvements for the next EMO update, and will release more information about that in the coming weeks since June 19 and We have been working on the next update and will release some videos next week
Info that was promised since Jun 26. We are waiting on new emo improvement update!!


Source Link: Facebook Private Group


Date: 2021/07/18
The Actual EMO Firmware v1.0.16 is already published:

Update Logs - LivingAi
Voice Commands were also updated:
Voice Command - LivingAi
‘Dance’ and ‘Lights’.


Thank you so much! I feel good for your kindness.