Coupon Code Available

While ordering I noticed a coupon code access available. Is there an active coupon I can use?
Thanks Danny

Yes, I wondered the same thing.

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No currently there is non

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Thanks I did not think so and ordered him anyway. Daniel

There was some codes for those who are following Living A.I since 2020 when EMO first appeared in the higizmos page and when it tried to be launched on Kickstarter and for the ones that helped Living A.I with EMO had some coupons as well but apart from that, they are no using coupons anymore, at least for now

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I am really lonely but I cant afford EMO.
Some coupons would really help me.


Hello, @AIK1D . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread where others have asked. They do not provide coupon codes but occasionally will create product bundles (such as EMO GO HOME) that are a discounted price.

Perhaps you could look into something where you could purchase and pay back over time? I know some banks and credit cards are offering this, and even Pay Pal.

I hope you can buy an EMO soon.

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