Couple weird things about EMO

I just got him, but he has been acting broken. He spins in a circle instead of exploring, he doesn’t look at me, ignores some commands, and when he dances, he kinda glitches his feet and legs, and twitches them, and does not complete all the motion of the dance because of that.

Have you already installed the update 1.0.15?

Yes, I have. It was actually the first thing i did.

Can you please post a video of how EMO behaves.

I will upload it soon. also, where do i upload it?

Yeah I agree when I say look at me he go in circles on the app showing moving to target
But he go in circles

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Mine does exactly the same to be fair

Would it be possible that you post here a video of the problem?

is it possible to return it?

I think it’s the “I’m just ignoring you like a small puppy” instead of the “I don’t hear you” way.

More relatively speaking, emo is a very new product and has to work around these problems by future software and hardware updates.

and for this question:

yes, just contact support email that you want to return it.

well just software update because it’s impossible to update hardware.