Could Emo Read Aloud A Message?

The other day when speaking of V on DeviantArt I bought up I had once used the bot to speak an ad. for the series I write. This was done by a phone app. connection of the robot reading off what I had typed, and a camera recording it against a greenscreen.

Is it possible for Emo to read a text on prompt? That video I did last year could use improvement … such as I apologized with the video for the talking not being in good sync to the images. New camera now along with new software for video editing. I’d like to think my coming robot can be my written works new spokes"bot" to the public. :smiley:

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Hey @systemcat

To the very best of my knowledge, EMO can’t read text on a prompt. There are no options of such a feature in the EMO App, I’ve gone through it many times and use it quite a lot, but unfortunately that feature is not available … (YET)…who knows maybe in future updates it might happen.

There is a Lifetime achievement section that has one thing that sounds like he can do something with text to speak (the achievement is called SUMMONER (which has a small note called Voice Assistant), But I haven’t been able to unlock it yet.

I could be completely wrong, but as advised, to the best of my knowledge that is one thing EMO cannot do just yet.

But if anyone has other experiences and can share them here that would be great! I’d love to also learn anything new that I’m potentially missing out on. I’ve done / gone through so many things with EMO already and always interested to learn new things / hidden secrets that EMO might have that we have yet to find out :slight_smile:


I wonder if it would be possible for EMO to read text that was typed into the app (with a future update)? How does EMO comprehend our name, store it, and recall it?

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Thank would be a pretty good feature to have. Be sure to add it to the features forum thread :slight_smile:

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