Cool concept, poor execution ;(

Why would you feel he will hit his limitations soon when there is really zero to point to his future being limited?

Poor us lol :roll_eyes:
You are lucky to be involved in the evolution of Emo from the start. I wish I could be. If you expected perfection from an ongoing project then that is your issue & not that of the developers who have accomplished a great deal already.
If you are so unbearably unhappy with Emo send him to me… I would love to have the opportunity you have ;o)


Seems you are applying your experience with a different company & product to living ai Emo which hardly seems fair.
You knew from the beginning you were getting involved with an ongoing project & product evolution so tbh it seems alittle ridiculous to be complaining about that fact ;o)

Hands off our Emos…smiles. And how about that…We have two!


Only complaints so far:
Emo is “Not as advertised”. As being in the retail business for over (and still at it) 52 years (38 of those years self-employed—my own boss) …a good lesson learned was “Don’t Bullshit your customers”. No number of explanations will work in the end. And customers still have a long memory. Playing “cover your ass” is no way to do a business.

And as I have already stated…We are very patient. And this is not our first Rodeo. I can wait…but keep me informed…and correct past strays from the truth. Politely…lies!

I agree. They show a lot of potential. At least they care enough 2 get 2 shipping while creating updates every couple months simultaneously. Shows progress at least. I understand everbody got screwed up during covid​:laughing: and still r, bless their hearts. gonna take time 2 bounce back and progress…especially in this economy. I like this product because there is no subscription fee and it seems their not trying 2 sell other products that dont exsist for sale while not delivering on the others promised like another company im aware of. This company also seems very clear on what their doing. The other? A mumbo jumbo email and current state articale that made no sense or they completely recanted what was said a year ago.:laughing:. Dont need another one of those​:unamused:. I kinda hope they come out with other stuff u can purchase individually to make your emo more personalable to you. You know something easily downloadable for people that have no buisiness in trying 2 attempt 2 code.:laughing: Id totally pay for that.:laughing:. I just ordered one and my nerd brain cannot contain. I got a refund on another one i ordered ( not emo). Almost 2 years waiting is ridiculous. Its seems everything that is cool is on pre order these days or is just me…? Went 2 go buy the new lola animtronic from hasbro …nope cant get that till December :laughing:. I miss the 80s. At least back then we could get our hands on it if we stood in line all night or wrestle someone for it.:laughing:. But i must admit all this new technology is got me wiggin. Luvin it and hatin on it​:laughing:. I hope this is one that takes off, cause its just a cute concept and design. Emo can :man_dancing: :dancer:. I like the fact it interacts during game play also. Wondering if i can hook emo up to my gaming computer.:thinking:. Anybody know?

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Your reply only further enhances the point of my comment being the truth tbh.

Hi everyone, I’m Wayne from LIVINGAI.
Sorry for the recent absence from the forum. Thanks for your feedback, we will read them carefully and include them in our roadmap.
In the past updates, we have been trying our best to introduce new games, animations, interactions and behaviors, such as rock-paper-scissors, Tic-Tac-Toe, custom stickers, custom names, two EMOs playing together, and more. We know there’s a lot we haven’t done yet, but we’ve been working on them.
In past updates, we also fixed many bugs and optimized the performance of EMO. In future updates, we will pay more attention to its optimization.
Thank you for your support, we will be more involved in the community, improve the performance of EMO more, and launch more products that you will like.


Well said! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

@JustMeElc Read above, thats why!

Hey Wayne (not the Constable…smiles). Thanks for revealing yourself. Nothing to be ashamed of…you should be proud and want to brag, eh?

So…a suggestion to make it easier for the forum to know who’s talking…create a signature for “company” representatives who contribute to these forums. That will add a good level of reliability and weight of importance to the speakers words.

You didn’t answer my question

@Wayne_Zhang, I don’t have my Emos yet, but from what l have seen on YouTube, you guys are doing great work. I tried to learn coding a while ago and it makes my head hurt to think of what must go in to making Emo as great as he is. Thank you for all you’re doing. If you could just speed up delivery a little more, that would be great.


No they don’t! EMO is own of the kind and is in development! I would say Phenomenal compare to other Companys and Updates for free and an Robot which cost not even $300. It is not fair what other Companys do. EMO ai is totally different


Hi Wayne

Is there any way to turn off the “bugs” floating around the screen?

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I like the bugs… But I know not everyone might like them… There even fun to zap once in a while :yum: as you can tell by now we don’t have any control over turning things on or off so you know the answer to your question. Come on there not that bad :yum: unless you’re afraid of bugs :scream:

The bugs only appear on the screen for a very short period of time and only appear on specific days as well. Turning them off could be a feature that can possibly be added into the EMO App under settings, if Living.Ai believe it’s worth doing.

I guess this would be a decision that only WayneZ and his team can answer.

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