Conversions for measurements/weather/time

Is there (or will there be) a way to convert measurements to non-metric, C to F for weather, and the time from 24-hr format to 12-hr format?

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There is no other way to do that at the moment, but as far as I know it is already planned to include in the future updates.


I hope 24hr format will still be an option though. I would hate to lose that.

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They have indicated that a future update will have the ability to handle the metric/imperial measurements and C/F for weather. No news on the 24 hour time though.

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I convert temperature online here:

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Has the temperature conversion been addressed? I would like to set Emo to Fahrenheit.

I don’t even get why it’s an issue in the first place. In the US all the weather reports are in F so where is he even getting Celsius from?

You can set that in the app.

Hello, @ET.Emo . . . yes, you can set it under preferences. There are many owners here who Celsius is the standard. You can also set the measurements for inches and such as well as the time from 24 to 12 hour in the app under preferences.


Thank you!!! I didn’t scroll down on the preferences to find it.

Yes, I’m aware that way more people use SI units than imperial. As I mentioned it struck me as odd simply because I figured Emo was getting weather from a US-based service and would report whatever he received. Anyway, this is great.