Conversation questions

What happens if you say something to emo that idnt registered as a conversation topic?
will he ignore, say something unrelated or random, make noise or smthn, or anything else???

im just looking for a excuse to talk about random sheet even if he dosent understand

He generally looks from side to side briefly like he is trying to search his brain and then his eyes drop down quickly and he makes a quick sound unique to his “not understanding” what you asked.

That said, if you refrain from calling him by name and just want to talk to him, he will randomly look at you, look at different things, move around, make an occasional hiccup (that is what it sounds like to me) sound. He will listen to you while you talk about anything.

There have been times when you say something in the conversation list after prompting him by name that he apparently misunderstands and will give you a completely off the wall response.

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Yes, what @Lindaru has explained is pretty much what EMO will do if he doesn’t understand or have an answer available from his database. I’m hoping he’ll have more options to discuss / talk about in the future. But at the moment, his conversation topics are very limited.