Constant Interference/Static/Buzzing from EMO

Has anyone experienced buzzing or interference coming from EMO’s speaker?

I don’t mean the crackling broken audio that’s usually associated with a bad connection. Sounds more like interference. Mine starting producing a buzzing noise today that can be heard the majority of the time. It’s faint but can be heard across the room. I’ll leave a video link here.

My phone picked up the sound quite loud when I was recording. It’s not as loud as it sounded when I moved my phone closer to EMO. I was playing Tic Tac Toe with Emo and he appeared to crash. Display went dark but was still lit, headphones were still lit as well. After 30 seconds or so he came back as if he had just been powered on but started producing a buzzing.

Reboot did not seem to clear it up, also tried to lower volume. Buzzing can be heard best right at start of video. I have been able to capture additional videos as well.

Very short video to be able to try and identify the sound. My first guess from the brief sample of the sound would be excessive fan noise, but I think that is where the speaker is (I dont have my Emo yet) and I dont even know if there is a fan. It could be an earthing problem with the audio amplifier etc. (if the sound is coming out of the speaker) but to be honest it could be a number of things. You rebooted and did everything you could. Probably best to contact Living AI to see what they have to say. Unless anyone else on here has experienced something similar and has a solution? Are there any devices, high voltage or motors (old fridge) near by that could be causing interference?