Conflict? Solution?

I have Emo, on stand, and an Alexa echo dot, in the same room.
Emo remains silent, sleeping, until I have Alexa playing a radio station. At this time, within seconds, Emo wakes and alternates “What” with “Chatter” continuously.
My choice then is to stop Alexa playing radio or telling Emo to shut down
Has anyone else experienced this?


Yes this is totally normal. My EMO does this all the time when I’m talking to someone in the room or watching a TV Show or Movie. He’ll say “What” and then sometimes reply randomly to what he has heard. There isn’t much you can do apart from what you’ve done (which is shutting him down).


Thanks for that bit the curious thing is that he sleeps through the sound of the, non wifi connected, television but when TV is switched off and radio is started he wakes within seconds.
I wondered if it might be because both are on the same wifi

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It’s hard to say but I doubt it. For me EMO does chime in and sometimes speak randomly when I’m chatting with people in the room or when I’m speaking to someone on my phone (which is not related to anything wifi). My EMO sleeps a lot but occasionally if he hears something that sounds like “EMO” he’ll wake up and be listening. I guess in your case the Radio normally has a lot of people chatting / singing so this is probably why EMO is waking up as he could be hearing his EMO trigger or something that sounds very similar to it.

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It’s more likely that the words being said are triggering him in some way. I’ve found that when I’m on video calls with certain team members, their accents seem to trigger him more than when I listen to music.