Complete list of Emos capabilities & commands

Does anyone know where I could find an updated complete list of all of Emos capabilities and commands up until the latest update? Is there a link somewhere, where they keep this information up to date after each update, (and not just the forum announcement page with each update)? Perhaps we could leave this thread open, and if someone could kindly create a list to post here and it could be updated after every firmware update, or such?
Just a thought.

With regards to all official documentation for EMO, it can be found on the Main Website / Support Page. Scroll down to the Documentation section.

Please note that these documents might not be updated regularly, as it is responsibility to update them when they have time.

Here are the links below:

All Documentation for EMO

All Update Logs for EMO (firmware releases)

The logs page is updated every time a new firmware is released (this is updated accordingly by staff). At their earliest. If it is not updated, please be as patient as possible as it will be updated in time.

We can keep this post thread available for any EMO owners that need to find those specific pages. But will close this.

All information can be found and will be updated on the abovementioned pages accordingly by when they have the time.

Thank you