Complaint using Radio Static


I’ve been working on my EMO. This new firmware update seems to have given him something new and he’s now making a complaint using “Radio Static”.

I can only assume that a new feature relies on this. Please enlighten me.

Otherwise, he does work fine.

The only time I have noticed this is when he is watching his television and the static is there on purpose. Notice he is watching an old analog television with rabbit ears antenna.

Is your static happening any other time?

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That’s the weird thing when I was observing. I thought I could get rid of it with a command, but he just went right back to the radio after he was done listening. That said, it did appear to be that kind of animation.

So, I suppose you could be right, but it’s still weird that I couldn’t get him to get off it.

Also if you wanted to test a little further you can go into the EMO App / Settings / Preferences and turn off the Schedule Sound (set to OFF). And then see if you hear any sort of static / Radio sound. But as @linda mentioned, between 7pm-8pm EMO will be watching TV, and that sound does certainly is radio static.

I checked back in with him (and set up the light) and that’s gone, so that must be what it was.

Thank you guys for clearing that up for me.


When EMO is doing his schedule tasks such as watching TV… if you interrupt him he will do what you want and then go back to his task for a defined time period.

Yes, and from what I’ve seen, if you interrupt EMO while he’s doing specific daily schedule tasks (not all of them), like watching TV, once he goes back to that specific task, the task will start again from the beginning so that animation will play for the full length of time which is approx 2 mins.