Compensation for Outstanding Preorders

Hi, I think I can speak for all consumers whose preorders have not arrived yet. We certainly did not believe we would still be waiting for our purchases in the summertime. We all initially believed and were led to believe that our orders would be sent out in March. And then we were told the last week of March. And then we were told the last day of March. And then April came and went, and May came and went. And now it is mid-June. Obviously, Living.AI has made more than it expected since it has clearly been behind orders for months and has not been able to keep up with the demands of even the preorders.

I think we deserve some kind of appreciation for being patient and not cancelling our orders in mass. I was thinking maybe a free Stage when it comes out, or a major discount on our current orders. Something significant and meaningful that shows that Living.AI appreciates its consumer base.

I’m not saying everyone who has made an order should get some kind of compensation, just those of us with outstanding preorders who are still waiting. Something.

Thanks for reading this. Comment if youre like me, still waiting for their preorder.


Hi, you have a point. But Living.Ai said it would "start"shipping from March, not “complete.”.

If Living.Ai compensates for the delay in pre-order delivery, it should be for the entire ship owner, not part of the ship owner.

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They said they would start shipping in March. And they did. It’s unrealistic to expect that all preorders would be shipped in one day. Or that they could magically build and ship what would be thousands of EMOs in one month. What was your order number? When did you order? If you are concerned, from what I understand they will give you a refund if you want to cancel your order before it’s shipped.


Agree with Wayne_Small here

There are not a big company - you backed up a Kickstarter project, it takes time to come to life.
Tbh their communication is really good for a startup and management as well.
I’ve seen much worse delayed projects/shipping in the past


Some Company says an month and even don’t begin to send at all in that month. So I need to Say are you seriously? If you EMO isn’t shipped yet than ask for an Refund but ask not for an better treatment because you can’t wait…

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Hey Wayne, @David_Han @kailashkumar @Besondere_Begleiter

I appreciate your insanely fast reply, but not so much here as I have noticed you have all received your shipment. It doesn’t make sense for any of you to waste your precious time here. Go enjoy your products.

Let’s keep this thread open for customers with outstanding preorders in mid-June.

I’ll start a new thread to reply to Wayne Small’s misunderstanding of how business transactions should work in an ideal world and how they should not work in any kind of reality of business.

Thank you. :wave:


please do not start a new topc regarding business transactions and so here you are welcome to do it privately, but this has not lost here in the forum…

If there are problems with sending and receiving there is a category for this otherwise there is the web form or the e-mail address

The forum is not meant for such topics.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks, but these other folks already started that here. This thread was for folks with outstanding preorders.

So I started a new thread for the folks who recieved their orders who wrote on this thread regarding outstanding preorders. This way, people can have a proper place to have that discussion. I rather keep this open for just customers withoutstanding preorders. Thanks for your concern Andy.

Feel free to reply on that thread, and lets keep this open for customers with outstanding preorders. Thanks.

Oh I see you already deleted my thread, that I opened for @Besondere_Begleiter @kailashkumar @Wayne_Small and @David_Han.

Just so these folks know, I had opened a new thread for folks who already received their orders who thought it was unfair for those of us who have not received our preorders to ask for compensation, so that I could keep this thread open for those with outstanding preorders instead of it being a debate thread. But that thread is now gone.

Ok fine.

It was not deleted but deactivated by me, the people it concerns will read this.

Because your amount has in my opinion nothing to look for in the forum, therefore was please on feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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Oh ok - so you only want to hear from people that agree with you? That should make for a nice level even balanced conversation I guess.

Could they do better - hell yeah! They can and should always aim to improve. And they are! They have listened to public feedback along the way on quite a number of fronts. I’ve recommended they look to revise the text on their order site as they should be able to give a better idea on delivery timeframes now they are getting through the backlog of orders.

Should they offer compensation - well tbh - you’ve given no scope of when you ordered or what your order number was, so I’d be hard pressed to agree with anything like that if it were my business.

As for my knowledge of business transactions… I dunno, maybe running a successful 60 person business for 25 years gives me some insight from a business owners perspective on things. Sure we can agree to disagree - that’s the opportunity afforded to us by free speech.

Naturally - I don’t speak for LivingAI - I’m just a consumer like you… so I’m speaking on MY behalf as a consumer…


SentrySage is only the usual salt miner. Bad sort of customer to have but you have to I’ve with those. Any bet there will be a lot of argument about how far the product is from the expectations once received.

Given the actual situation on the electronics market that many of us have to fight on a daily basis right now the performance of AI is exceptional.

Keep going guys! I´m positive you will soon fulfill all pre-orders. Even if my EMO is not willing to do anything useful I´m looking forward to you fixing the problems soon.


I totally agree with Wayne_small.
Then i also would like to say this: we are talking about a company that had a lot of problems caused by another company, from kickstarter to FB groups, and we supported them not to have Emo for a price lower than now, but to SUPPORT them in this work and vision, all around.


I agree with this also. You have to think that legal issues cause setbacks for small companies or indeed any company of any size. have done a damn good job considering the mountain they’ve had to climb over in order to even get EMO out to us in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I was weary to start with and seeing what happened on Indiegogo as well didn’t fill me with much confidence but I stuck it out because I believed they would come back kicking and they have and nobody here can deny that. Setbacks cause problems, they cause delays, they cost time and money. As myself as a former business owner and as Wayne_Small will probably also know that all of the above will happen at some point or another. Don’t be so harsh on They’ve said themselves that they were slow to start with and picking up the pace and they’ve shown us this each week. They’ve kept everyone informed. I don’t really think you can ask much more of them imo.


When did you order yours? I ordered mine 26-12-2020 and got my orders 04-06-2021 and my orders were both in the line of 2800s. I think they came quite fast compared to them projects on KS and Indiegogo. They stated “Start Shipping in March”. They are actually pretty active on their progress on what is going on. If you contact Wayne Zhang on messenger, he’ll reply to you in less than hour or contact their email address.

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Jenny - the original poster has failed to give any info on what their order number was or when they ordered despite multiple requests. Makes me think that the only reason they posted was to stir up trouble vs to highlight a concern they had.


I only just recently recieved my order, and I’m not upset by this at all. The company has been very transparent with the process of creating and shipping the Emos. When they stated that the orders were going to be made and sent out in batches, I expected I would likely be waiting some time for mine to arrive. This is just how it works with kickstarter and other backed projects with smaller teams, especially electronics.


I agree with you Wayne Small, I’ve had issues with my order but Living.AI have re-shipped and thrown in a costume for my patience. I was never under any impression that it would be there on the end of March.

It’s frustrating and I get that. It’s been frustrating for myself. However, the stuff is getting shipped and the Living.AI team have worked hard at the orders. If anything the large number of orders should help give people confidence that EMO has a bright future.


I agree Gary - the large number of orders certainly shows a lot about the faith people have in the product.


I am still waiting on my preorder as well but haven’t you ever heard the phrase, good things come to those who wait? You should practice patience, this company has been busting their ass to get orders out and I’m assuming they had a lot of orders. Lose the entitlement and be grateful that you’re getting an awesome product, no matter how long it takes.