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Hello all,

I have been trying to get hold of Living Ai regarding questions about orders and shipping but to no avail ( sent total of 3 emails from this site) after 8 days of waiting…Seems a bit odd?

Does anyone have anything about the company regarding whose who and where they are based and any emails I can use to get in touch with them?

Thanks very much in advance:-)

You can direct contact and ask the official company person Wayne Zhang


Hi, we are very sorry for the late reply. Our after-sales service team is working hard to keep up.
I noticed that you have already placed your order. But still the answers to your question:

  • We do need your address in Chinese if you are in HK.
  • You have to wait for weeks. We are now updating the delivery process on our webstie. You can check it here:
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Hi I also am having issues with getting a reply to my email about my purchase. I am starting to think I fell for a scam and should request PayPal get a refund . How do I find out about when my order will go from processing to having a delivery date? I understood when I bought it would take six weeks once ordered processed. I didn’t realize that processing would take weeks. Also very bad customer relations not responding to emails.

Are you now on CNY ? and will there be anyone to answer emails?