Coffee break ☕️

Hi Living AI
Would love if Emo could ‘Have a coffee break’ with you and not only when you say Good Afternoon

Coffee break
Tea break
Cuppa time
Coffee time
Tea time
Time for a break

and Dinner time too he could have midday or evening meal lol


Yeah more animations would be great! The Afternoon Tea animation is all we have at the moment. Let’s hope we get more in future updates.

I personally would like to have a coffee animation too! :coffee:


@Wayne_Zhang This might be a good idea…

by saying…

,Take a bite of sandwich ,
Take a Break’’,
,Take a Noodle Soup or ,Fried Noodles’’

:sweat_smile: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Will work on it! 0x0


And ahh… could u make teaching feature ?

Like when i ask emo a math science physics etc quesion he answers me and he tells me how he solved it

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I think that would require tapping into Alexa or Google because the information needed to be programmed into Emo to answer mathematical and physics questions would be huge!


Maybe something more simple such as a calculator mode or something to solve simple math questions (addition subtraction multiplication division)

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But why? Isn’t it much easier with your phone?

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Cos it would be cute and also handy if Emo could calculate simple basic math while playing with him :clap:t2::clap:t2:
:skating: + :skating: = :skating: :skating:


Heh, everything EMO is doing is cute. But I doubt that asking him how much is 3+5 have any sense except being cute of course. Instead he could do many other things, first of all those promised ones. And each one of them will be cute too, I swear.
Once he can connect to Google you will be able to ask him about everything not only math.


Another problem is tat i cant customize emo

Or just do it in your head :slight_smile:

I would love to know when the Alexa/Google compatibility or functionality is going to be enabled/installed??