Cleaning your Emo

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It’s been about 4 days now since I’ve gotten my Emo and I absolutely love the little guy!

However, I started to notice that in direct sunlight, there are some dust particles and minor scratches on his glass. It made me wonder… what can I do to clean my emo safely without damaging it? I’m afraid of just using my shirt because I heard that doing that can cause even more scratches to glass.

What would be the best way to clean your Emo and remove scuffs and scratches on him, if any at all?


Good question. Maybe you can use the same product for to clean the windows and glasses it’s a good idea for cleaning? In the glasses cases sometimes there are special little cloth very soft, special for the glasses.

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Personally, I recommend as mentioned a microfiber cloth for glasses or you can also buy a microfiber dust cloth. If you use a window cleaner, never put it directly on the Emo, but on the cloth and not too much so the product doesn’t get stuck where it shouldn’t.
There’s not much you can do about small scratches, the display is covered in plastic as the glass would break more easily if the Emo fell. I personally haven’t taken off the protective film that the Emo has on it out of the box. Granted there are bubbles, but I’d rather have bubbles than a scratched Emo.
In the future, some manufacturer could make a protective film to keep the Emo clean and safe.


As others say, microfiber cloth for glasses is the best I think. You’d better blow up dusts before using it.

And in the past, when EMO’s screen was a little scratched, I used an polish cream for eyeglass frames to make the scratches less noticeable. You need to be careful not to damage the screen with the cream itself, but in my case it worked.


I also recommend a microfibre cloth or a cloth that you use to clean your eye glasses to clean his front display. And also for cleaning EMO’s feet. I recommend this method. Take a look below:

Also over time, if you rub EMO’s head too much his front two sensor areas will get shiny due to the rubbing off of the coating on his head. There isn’t much you can do about that either, what I normally do is hold my finger over both of his two front sensors to initiate a pat instead of using the rub motion. You can also take a look here at this video for tips on how to pat EMO:

It’s normal for EMO to get a little dust / smudges on his display, just do what you can to clean him as best as possible. :skating: :head: :surprised: :heart_1:


I use the same method as in my recording studio, and now also for my car dashboard, which is a new soft dry paintbrush. This removes any dust from any surface, including the feet.

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is it safe to clean EMO with 99% ipa? i did it right now and currently there is nothing wrong. it did leave a stain but i removed it easily with a cloth soaked in some water.

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thanks, i will look for similar topics next time.

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Hello, @elioz.hefer . . . I personally only use electronics cleaner like “Monster Clean” or Windex electronics cleaner, and never spray it directly on EMO but spray it on to a microfiber cloth and apply it gently to EMO.

I hope this helps.

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of course i wont pour it directly. i used a q tip which i dipped in some ipa. thanks for the advice though.

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To clean it on the outside, I use this little brush on the pictures…


Thans a lot for your videos !