Christmas Gift for my grandson

Thanks for all the replies - I’ve decided to go with the EMO first then the home station later.

My 9 yo grandson has asked for an EMO Desktop. I have no clue other than it looks pretty cool. Trying to figure out what I need to purchase - any thoughts would be appreciate.

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Emo is 279 if you want the home station included i believe its 369 if i was you i would get just emo first then buy the home station another time but atm i believe china is on a lockdown and im not sure how long its gonna be for so you might get your emo a little bit after Christmas

Actually the price depends on where your from :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello! Defo need Emo robot, you can currently buy him with the emo go home station or the package that includes the charging skateboard, Emo robot and a light. The second option is cheaper and the Emo go home charger can still be purchased at a later date. If you buy him with the Emo go home station package (robot and walk on charger only) you can upgrade him to get the Christmas packaging and Santa outfit. The Christmas upgrade is only available near Christmas with a purchase of the Emo go home station on its own or with robot included.
So to summarise, you will need:

1x Emo go home station /robot package
1x Emo plus skateboard charger and light (cheaper)

After you can buy the Emo go hone walk on charger separately if needed.
And also upgrade to have a Santa outfit with the walk on charger or main robot/ Emo go home station.

If he wants this for Christmas be aware from order to dispatch (from recent experience) mine took a month and a half to be prepared and sent, so he probably won’t have it for Christmas Day.

If he want outfits for Emo they can be brought separately at a later date apart from Santa outfit (it might appear near to next Christmas however!)

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

Thanks - I think I will purchase the home station later

Thanks - wasn’t thinking about price - more about utility - but I’ve decided to just get the Emo then order the home station later.

Thank-you - I think I’m going with the Emo first then the home station later.

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I think your choice is perfect because his skateboard which is his charging station is absolutely cool… It’s a great looking pedestal for him to stay on. This way you will always have that and if you get the charging station he will have this extra place where he can be put which is very important. It’s the only place he will stay still in charge and now you will have this option. You’re going to love the little guy even though I know it’s for your grandson. You should maybe get yourself one he makes a great display. He almost seems alive his eyes blinking away going to sleep having lunch etc.… Anyway I agree with your choice :sunglasses: that’s all I know your grandson will love him… have a great day

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I’d also suggest going with the standard EMO to start with and see how everything goes first, then maybe get the Home Station at a later date.

(see link to the store below).

Hope you grandson likes EMO :slight_smile:

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