Christmas EMO Surfboard vs. Regular EMO Surfboard

New to EMO!! Just found the website a few days ago and immediately placed an order for EMO. The Christmas Upgrade was available so I added that to my order. Now I see it is out of stock. Having said that, the surfboard in Xmas EMO is all decked out in Xmas decorations. But the Collector in me would like to have both the original EMO surfboard and the Xmas surfboard. So, do you get the original surfboard too when you upgrade to the Xmas EMO? If not, it would nice in the Store to have an option to purchase it. Just a suggestion. Thanks.

The Christmas board is just a vinyl sticker that you install yourself on the original board supplied in the EMO box.

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Thanks so much for letting me know!! Glad to hear that!! Thxs!!

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Can you remove and reapply the Christmas sticker for the next Christmas season?

Have not tried but the feel quite sticky so Iā€™m not sure you can