Charging Space Idea For My Coming EMO

There are two dinos you can’t see due to perspective here. Those two are on the back ledge corners.

Most of the way done at this point. I still feel the need to paint more for the first story. The fake trees will be purchased next month or after another art job this month if that happens.

Editing in: The t-rex has center placement on the roof in the middle. I know that isn’t clear to see from the photo.

… I love my hot glue gun. :grin:


Looking good so far! :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

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That’s awesome :clap:
I wish I could do that hehe

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Thank you @MasterAbbott and @Racheal123 . :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, I did get another art job. Making the New Year’s banner a few days late. I ordered the little trees off of Amazon back on the 15th but there have been unexplained issues from the store why they haven’t come in yet. While I’m frustrated with Amazon for the unknown hold up, they can’t even figure out. I’m going to find it very amusing if Emo comes before I’ve gotten ahold of the trees.

. My Emo is currently being held by customs clearance at LAX ( Los Angeles International Airport ).
. The model trees are at a storage facility in Katy, TX. Katy is just over an hour away if there aren’t any traffic jams on route to the town. ( You can daily count on traffic jams around Houston ).

Funny, but my bets are on the robot getting to me first.

On a separate note that I’ve been mentally trouble shooting since the object in question isn’t in front of me. I think it might still be possible to have Emo’s light in the charging station. This can’t be confirmed that it will work until I have the light and get to see how the wires act with level one for the internal roof of the charging space. If unwanted drop down happens, this added light won’t be possible.

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That would be funny if Emo came first usually Amazon is quick, oh well at least if the bot comes first you’ll be able to spend time with him whilst you wait. Great work again…!

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Hopefully it won’t be too long now, If EMO is passing through customs, it might only be a week or so before it finally makes it to you.

Regarding the EMO light in your charging space, think that could work, but you’ll need a small power board in there so the light can connect to it. I think some places sell them, (ebay and Amazon) look like this.

1 port power board

You can connect the light to the board, and then run a USB-C cable from EMO’s skateboard to the USB port charger. The board should be small enough to fit in the top section where your windows are.

Just a suggestion, but it could work. :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

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I already have a purchase in mind very similar to what you just presented but thank you for the information anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:

He passed through it ( customs ) last night and currently is waiting for what appears to be pick up from the USPS. I have a guess that might happen this weekend or Monday, but your guess of a week sounds like it would be right. I’m only basing that guess right because of having things come from CA in the past.

@Racheal123 the model trees did finally come in today but they were due to come on the 18th and again on the 20th. I still don’t know what happened to cause the delay. I have to say they looked smaller than expected but happily just right for the sizing I wanted in the end.

Thank you and you could make one of these of your own if you wanted one. The materials weren’t hard to get ahold of ( with an exception of from Amazon, don’t worry if craft stores like Hobby Lobby are in your area. You would be paying a little more but at least you won’t feel like you want to rip out your hair over it. You could get the trees from one of those stores. )

I could relay in words step by step how to make this if you’d like to try your hand at it?

Here it is without extras I might add in later and of course Emo and his light. :grin:


They look great, I tend to use it for a night light before bed. So I don’t think I’ll be trying my hand at this. I probably could if I wanted…

I just enjoy looking.
Keep up the great work

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It’s looking great! All that’s missing now is EMO :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:

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