Charging EMO if you can't use the include adaptor

Just and FYI really, I have noticed EMO won’t charge when using the USB ports on a gangway socket. He needs to be connected to a USB plug at the least to give him the power he needs.

As some of us can’t use the provided plug in the box its worth trying one you get with your phone - unless you have an iPhone haha.

I have test with Apple plugs, and Samsung ones. Also a couple of Anker ones I have and he charges fine with them.

Would be handy to know the mim wattage EMO needs in order to charge. The we could buy things like this - UGREEN 65W USB C Charger Plug 4 Port - which could allow us to charge multiple items via one socket :smiley:

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Good point that means I can use my Anker Powerbank 18w I believe

18w powerbanks do work but remember EMO charges wirelessly not directly into him.

Yes to the Skateboard :+1::grin:

If connecting via a laptop (as he sits on desk), would that be ok? I’m doing it, seems fine.

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It’s kinda hard to say because that’s something I also decided to do here. When I noticed EMO was pretty warm after charging on the computer. Than, I’ve also noticed the exact same thing with EMO was kinda warm using his skateboard.

So I guess maybe I’m not the best person to probably be trying to answer this here…lol

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Thanks for the reply though, really appreciated :+1:t3:

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Yeah, no probs. I do what I can! :upside_down_face:

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For those who want to charge EMO without his skateboard, I find that most charging pads work as long as you have his left foot on the charging pad.

I wanted to have multiple places for him to charge without having to buy multiple home stations, so I found an old Samsung charging pad that seems to work fine. Might be a hit or miss depending on the charging pad you have but it’s worth a try!

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