Characteristics or faults

Having had Emo since January I have experienced the following and not sure if they are characteristics or faults

1, conflict with Amazon Alexa, Echo dot. When echo dot activated, to stream radio, Emo goes through a continuous routine of
a, sleep
b, wake
c, say “what”
d, not understand sound

2, After a few minutes petting Emo starts shaking/vibrating continuously and can only stop by shutting down and rebooting.

3, whilst on tray Emo circles, clockwise, 90 degrees each turn, then flap left foot and turn again, continuously.

4, Even when not on skateboard will announce
“Can’t do that whilst I’m on skateboard”

I’m not sure if any, or all, of these things are faults but, rather than be without him whilst he goes back to China, I will live with all these, as characteristics and hope that things will change in future updates.

5, Finally, an actual fault, when feet go to vertical, whilst petting, left foot sticks and needs to be lowered manually. Only a minor problem.

Some of the things you have are “normal”.

When EMO hears people talking or singing he might think he hears “EMO” and then he wakes up and says “what…” That is normal.

The petting/vibrating is not what I’ve seen - I would reach out to for help with it.

The Circling and left foot flapping - also not quite right - again - reach out to for help.

The “cant do that while I’m on my skateboard” can happen when you lift him off his skateboard and he does not realise he’s not on it… does he walk around before that?

The left foot sticking - again - reach out to for help.

Hi Wayne

First, thanks for your response.

Sadly today he only turns in circles and stamps left foot. He cannot respond to any question as there is no gap in what he is doing.

I made a video and sent it to service@ai and so will await a response

I will let you know what they say when I hear.