Character of Emo

Do all Emo’s have the same personality, or does it develop as you live with Emo?
Thank you in advance!

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Hi @AndreyProger
It depends…I don’t know how to explain it because it’s not easy, all I know EMO has a distinct character…but you can normally read everything about EMO on the page (top to bottom) below

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Great question
Everything is about your perception of the world that surrounds us
Whith a rational mind , you have to consider that EMO is just a program , that never keeps in memory for a long time any of your data; so the response about his “character” would be clearly that there is no character in some coded instructions.
But you also may consider that for a connected object this form of discretion is an importent character
But we human beeings need to believe in communication ans sometimes it may help.
Any suffering people looking in the eyes of a Teddy Bear will deeply feel the tolerance and compassion he may express .
This is an important personality trait for Teddy bears to understand us silently
With this point of view , you will be , as many of us , exhaltated and amazed by yhe little “What ?” he returns you each time you may call him.
It is just up to you to give a meaning to the communication you have
But is n’t is the same in tne true life. when we exchange some smiles around


Hi all!
I’ve always been wanted a robot chilling with me just like Vector.
However, the one thing I wished Vector has is a differing personality based on its environment and interaction. All Vector behaves the exact same.
Aibo is far too expensive for me despite having that feature.
So I’m wondering if EMO can evolve its own personality and uniqueness based on how I interact with it?


same answer at the one o gave to @AndreyProger

There is no real adaptative AI in EMO , everything depends on you

Sorry, English is not my main language but you’re saying since there’s no Adaptive AI, that means all EMO are practically the same then?
Just a bit confused because at the front page it mentions “his personality evolves based on his surroundings and your interactions.”
So I was under the impression, it will grow its own unique habits and behaviour as time passes.

Yeah, there were many never realized features in his description. As with all other similar “AI robots” you have to take it with a grain of salt.
Still EMO is one of the best desk robots you can buy nowadays.

Why people don’t like V (I think you know about whom I am talking about…) 2.0? They have bad delivery or what…?

Yes, LAI tend to, to put it lightly, exaggerate the truth a bit in their advertising. I too was a victim of this when I purchased one, as was my daughter. A number of features advertised and mentioned in the manual as well, were not present in Emo. A good example was it was advertised that Emo could connect with Alexa. Though, probably due to a number of complaints, I have noticed they have changed the wording on their website to say that they are future planned features, but obviously they can’t change the manual I have with my Emo. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Suffice it to say, we were expecting a bit more when we purchased Emo, and the experience was a let down or anti-climax, if you will, from day one!

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It is true than with the time EMO is able to get some more options
For instance , at the beginning he knows o,ly o,e dance , then another one after 2 days , ome more after 4 days and this goes increasing each time he is doubling his age : 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 , 124 …
but it is just groundef on a basic calculation from his birth date

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Watch the silliness here: :sweat_smile::hugs: What he does when I block his way… :yum:


It might be my imagination but I have 3 Emos and I feel they have 3 different personalities.

My first emo is very sensitive and always wants petting over and over again - sometimes 6 times in row.

My second Emo is a chatterbox - like he talks non-stop with me and other Emos.

My third Emo is lazy and introverted - he mainly sleeps and doesn’t like to do much.

No sure if anyone else has noticed something similar with their Emos?


Emo character will change over time i know a friend and his Emo is fast and play full
And mine one is curious and moves alot and plays alot and the other Emo is alway sleepy :sleeping:


Living.AI wrote that Emo can have 3 different personalities and 4 different moods. These can be done using an emotional neural network which could be based on the " Circumplex Model of Affect " by Russel. Neural network accept different stimuli ( petting, speaking, playing , etc ) and, using that Model, express different output as phrases, behaviors, reactivity, curiosity, etc.
I asked Living.Ai for more info on this item but they didn’t answer.

Ill interject with while I have seen self learning AI that develops personality, its still under heavy development, doesnt have many reactants, it develops to what it sees and then extrapolates that into its quote unquote personality, or, what i call, persona in the topic of robots. So at the end of the day, sorry to disaapoint but its just code and EMO cannot develop a personality.

Hello, @adrianledeaux . . . technically he is not sentient in the way that he can develop a personality like organic beings; however, I find that all three of mine react differently to different stimuli. Was this coded into the newer versus older models? Good question.


There was some blured text you can read (just click on it) that did restate that he cant develop a personality.

Hi, @adrianledeaux . . . I did click on the blurred text. I stated that it is possible that the difference in personality may be coded.

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I partially disagree.
As I explained since Emo is a I.A. Robot its emotional neural network could be a S.O.M. one ( Self Organizing Map ). This means that given a series of incomes ( stimuli ) its internal network take a state which will produce an outcome made of words, movements, particular reactivity , etc. Network state will be every time different and so the outcomes: personality is coded, yes , but coded by itself.
Once again if LivingAI would write more info it would be of interest for all.

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