Changing the delivery country

Hi there i have saw the EMO AI dest assistant. I have ordered the product of EMO. But i have changed the delivery address country. Because of the slow process of the delivery and i checked the amount of both countries and its the same is that an issue and which address will it deliver to.

Thank you. :pray:

Hi @Mahdwd

The best thing to do is contact the support team. As you mentioned you made an order, you should have received an email confirmation.

Simply reply to that email and ask the support team to update your delivery address, they should be able to assist you regarding this.

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I have contact them on the email of confirmation i will let you know what will they answer. Thank you for tilling me what to do

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@MasterAbbott i wanna let you know that they confirmed my email by asking me about the new adress so everything going well :pray::grin:

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Great! Good to hear everything was done and the support team were able to help you :slight_smile:

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