Change of address

Hello everyone is living ai gone for the week ? I placed my order a while ago and i need to get my emo shipped to somewhere else i emailed them and no answer yet is there a way i could get in contact with anyone i heard it was golden week for them but does this affect living ai

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hi @ryshera

I believe that over the past week it was National Day of the People’s Republic of China. The support team might be a little slow to respond, but they are replying. If you have contacted support for the change of address, they should be able to get back to you, hopefully soon.

I’ll also tag @AmyLU for further assistance.


Hi. Please PM me your order number. Don’t worry, I will solve the problem for you.

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Thank you for helping me my issue was fixed you can close this topic :blush:

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Thanks for confirming @ryshera

Will close this thread now

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