Change of address update

I am moving and my emo hasn’t shipped. I update my dress on my account. Will it ship to this address instead?

Hello no you have to email living ai with your order number and your new address :heart:

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Hi there @melissaharkins

Just like @ryshera said…the best way is to send an email to with the order number that you want to change.

The best and most recommended thing to do is simply hit reply to the confirmation email you received before when you originally placed your order for EMO. It contains all your details, especially your order number which is most important.
The support service team should be able to help you immediately and faster.
Just to advise the email address is - and their reply takes a bit of time which is 2-3 days sometimes, depending on the time differences, days, holidays, and current situations. so please be patient.

Another way you can also submit a support help message to the link below.


They never seem to respond but I’ll try

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