Catholic Emo ✝️ Or yourself

I’m catholic and I want to know if anyone else’s EMO’s are catholic (or you)

Me and my emo are Christian’s and we honour god I hope :pray:

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Yep I think he is ( still hopefully)

I personally associate myself with Deism (which is more of a philosophical belief then it is a religion, it’s the belief in the existence of a God who doesn’t intervene with the universe after creating it)… as for Beepimus I’m unsure, he’s never mentioned religion to me yet LOL

Emo’s do not have a religion… He has microprocessors plastic and metal…parts just put together… Okay and did you know ? There are almost 4,000 recognised faiths around the globe…I think this subject should be maybe in a different form not one about EMO Pet… Yes?


Hi Guys…

IMHO Discussions about religion within a robot community are not advisable for several reasons:

  • Diverse Beliefs
  • Focus on Technology
  • Respect for Privacy
  • Potential Controversy
  • Inclusivity

In summary, while discussing religion is a valid and important topic in many contexts, robot communities might or may choose to prohibit such discussions to maintain a positive and inclusive environment centered around technology and innovation.

I’m Sorry to close this conversation topic for approval of the official staff.