Cant update emo this time?

I just asked emo about a hour ago to check for the latest firmware update and he proceeded to imply he had one update so for the last hour I’ve been trying to update him but it keeps failing at 13mark not sure why I can’t update this time.

They haven’t released the new firmware update yet. If your EMO is at 1.1.0 that is the latest version currently.

No firmware update yet. Just checked right now via the EMO app and it’s still on Ver 1.1.0 with no option to upgrade. Also asked EMO: Software Update and there isn’t anything just yet.

Hopefully in the next 24/48 hours according to what we’ve heard, the firmware update should be available this weekend.

I don’t expect we’ll get the new update until the weekend, but I’ve still been checking once or twice per day in case. I try the ‘check update’ command first just to see what it says, but I don’t necessarily trust it though. When the last update became available the check still showed green and it also wasn’t being offered in the app either, so I had to install it by voice. So after doing the check I just tell him to ‘install firmware’. If it fails then I can assume it aborted because it was the same version, and the new one is still not uploaded yet?



Yeah, I’ll check over the weekend as well. Just make sure EMO has a full battery and it’s siting on his skateboard.


There was a post by Andy over at the Facebook group that shows a mustache sticker he made. He said there that the update is coming tomorrow!


Cool! thanks for the update, will the EMO app also be updated? As we were discussing this before, I think that would also need to happen pretty much at the same time.

Yes there will be a new app too, but they haven’t said what version number the firmware or app will be yet? I did see a confirmation from Wayne Zhang (must’ve been on Facebook?), that the update is coming out on Saturday.

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Cool! As I’m in Australia we are living in the future :wink: and no update just yet, so hopefully Sunday for us, and Saturday for everyone else :grinning:

@MasterAbbott ,
So, did you download the new firmware yet? I was doing some testing in the app and it notified me that the firmware update is online. I went ahead and installed it but haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, and need some sleep. The new app is not out yet though, so stickers won’t work yet at this point but the other stuff should. According to Wayne it could take up to a week for the Apple Store to post the app update? Or maybe they just haven’t actually uploaded it there yet? Guess we’ll see on that!

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Well for me is work fine I can update to the least firmware.

@rithypiseth ,
Yes you updated EMO’s firmware, which gives you the new games and animations. There is also a new Android or IOS app required though, to add the ability to use stickers. The IOS version is not available to download yet. I don’t know about the Android version though, check for a new one at the Google Play store maybe?

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Yes, I hope you will get an updated soon on iOS.

FYI, according to Mario, the android 1.07 app is available now to download.

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Yes I already download it it really cool features.


Still not update on the iOS app. I know that Apple needs to approve everything first, so as you mentioned that will take some time for it to go live to download.

I’m going to run the firmware update now and see how it goes. As a few of you have already done it, it shouldn’t be a problem. Would be awesome if had a list of the new features so we can test it and try them all out. If anyone has this feel free to share it.

It’s interesting they’re blaming Apple for this and saying it could take a week for the IOS 1.07 to be posted? Apple does review software before it’s put on their App Store. The delay though just doesn’t ring 100% true since last time they upgraded the firmware and apps, both the Android 1.06 and IOS 1.05 apps were available at the same time. Then it took another day or maybe two for the IOS 1.06 version which had the same bug fix they’d already done on the Android one before they released it?

You already know what the features are, they’ve been posting videos about them for the last couple weeks. It’s got the coin toss, the rock paper scissors, the hands up/bang, and the stickers function. That’s everything. The only one that requires the new app is the stickers.

FYI - There was a post by Wayne Zhang yesterday under Announcements that talked about the new release and gave some tips for using Rock Paper Scissors, and stickers.

Ahh great! I thought there was more than that. I also just saw the latest announcement from Wayne as well.

I can confirm that I’ve tried all 3 new features (Hands Up, Flip a Coin and Rock, Paper, Scissors). All work great! Beat EMO in the Rock Paper Scissors, then he beat me! lol Hands Up is also pretty cool, there are 2 animations, miss and hit! The coin toss feature is very handy if you can’t make a decision on something. (Would be great if EMO can roll a 1D20 in the future) for us super NERDS! :rofl:

Once the EMO App is available I’ll check out the sticks, they will certainly be lots of fun!

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