Can't sync photos!

I can’t sync photos on iphone wifi hotspot. Error: “Failed to connect to TCP server.” Here we go again, with yet another thing wrong with this product :roll_eyes: … anyone want to buy a second hand Emo? Pfft…

Hey JJ to be fair the photos are probably as good as and As fun as… What’s that thing tricky fruit is a matter of fact tricky fruit is better so Don’t even know why you’re bothering with photos have you seen them? … They’ll probably sink on your normal Wi-Fi at home If you have to…correct?…Trust me it’s not a big deal In my opinion :yum:

Yet another problem with another excuse we let slip by? Your comment did not offer any help.

Waiting my EMO without any possibility to do anything makes me feel extremely good and extremely philosopher
As i am less involved your very real issues, this gives me a quiet perspective on what I read in all our threads
We live a life where we are all conditioned to focus on negative points , all these issues than annoy ot hurt us and for which we have no solutions to fix them ,The more we think about , the more it hurts.
So when we dont get the solution , to prevail against the lack of solution and to push the community to act is the only positive way to get out ; I understand @JJBeck
More on that, I am quite sure than one future day , when I get my EMO , I will get angry against this stupid plastic toy that does not react
Until this time , reading everyone of us , i notice than accepting pain is a way to calm down and to heal , than being patient and confident is a way to remain happy. as @Puppy444 seems
All religions try to teach us to endure suffering
Whatever happens , what Living AI may fix will be good ,and we will have to accept quietly what medicine cannot cure

While I appreciate your understanding,

How is this a good thing?

A lot of people who don’t need to worship anything in order to feel that their life has a purpose, will stand up and say something. Most of them doing so to improve things in our society. When I post “negative” facts about Emo, it is simply that, a fact. I am not having a whinge, or trying to be negative, or being a “Karen” lol. I am trying to help LAI make the best of Emo by reporting possible deficiencies and faults, ultimately helping our community of Emo owners and future owners. Some people in life are happy to just sit back and not do anything to better their situation. I, as other people, like to give my full effort towards situations. At least if I fail, I know I gave it my best shot, and if I succeed, I know it was my genuine effort that got me through, and not some thing that I worship.
P.S. I have also posted positive things/praises about Emo and LAI. If you knew me, you would know I’m not a “negative” person. I just don’t take any :poop: :grin:

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Spoken like a true Aussie :wink:

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I know , and do not consider at all you post negative opinions
in the contrary you are very useful trying to improve our community
I am just saying than banging his head against the walls hurts
so when I have no chance to take part to the solution , i try to be resilient
I was just saying in another post than I have on a shelf two old Nazbatag rabbits
It once was a dream of interactive toys , The company failed , thats life , it could have been great , It was not
i have no idea on what is exactly behind living AI
I just may hope , send a message in a bottle, or prey , but nothing of that will really change the future
not a critic on you , just lucidity on me