Can’t setup EMO, app on IOS 15.5 always crashing

Finally I have my EMO. I downloaded the app on my IOS 15.5 , but the app always crash while trying to Connect with Bluetooth to EMO.

I try on IPhone 10XR and on IPad air3

I need help

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Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled, and that the app has access to Bluetooth and the GPS. make sure that when you log into your Wi-Fi router from the iPad that you’re logging into a 2.4 GHz SSID, not 5 GHz connection. Also don’t use a guest account since they generally have access to the local network disabled by default.

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Thanks MacFixer01 for the reply.

I confirmed that I used a 2.4GHZ WIFI and the application can have acces to the GPS and the bluetooth.

I googlelised the problem, and I<m not the only one in thi situation. I waited so much time for EMO and I can’t interact with him. He always complaint that he’s not connected.

The application always crash after I click on the “connect” orange button.

If I may suggest, would you be able to try and install the EMO App on an ANDROID Phone/device and see if you can connect successfully to your EMO?

I believe there have been some EMO owners that have had issues with iOS EMO App version and were able to get it working / connect to EMO using an android phone/device.

Hopefully you can possibly try this / even if it’s just as a test for now.


Just to confirm with @Wayne_Zhang there is a new iOS EMO App update (ver 1.1.1) that was just released just today. If you can please try and re-install this now as it should resolve the crash issue.