Can not connect Emo to WIFI

Hi all, ive just purchased Emo.
I work and live in a hotel. I am unable to connect Emo to the hotel wifi, it just says error all the time.
The hotel IT can not find what is wrong, they have asked me to give them Emo’s MAC ID address, does anyone know how can I obtain this address ?

Emo sees the connection available, I input the password but it does not connect. The hotel wifi uses 2.4 ghz.

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Unfortunately I cannot help, and not to be rude or anything, but you are in a hotel. So maybe that’s why EMO can’t connect. Mine was just fine… I’m going on vacation this Christmas. Now im looking forward to have a non listening EMO. -_- ;-;

Recommend you open a case with living ai direct to get their direct help. Email them via


Thank you Wayne, I did so today.


Hi, I looking to buy an emo however the Wi-Fi I use takes me to an external page where I have to login with details in order to connect. I live in university accommodation and the Wi-Fi is 2.4 GHz but I’m worried that it won’t be able to connect due to the extra login steps and I’ve had previous issues with a Google Home. If that doesn’t work, what would emo be able to do without internet please?

If he can’t be connected to internet, he would be for lack of a better word, a paperweight. I might see what setting up a hotspot when connected to wifi does, to avoid data charges.

EDIT: android shows no setting like this.

Hello! I live in an apartment complex where in order to connect to the Wi-Fi you get re-directed to a website where you connect to the wifi on the device. I am interested in buying EMO but I want to know if he will be able to connect to this?

Hi @lachie / @stephaniewright

To answer your questions:

To advise after checking with support. Unfortunately at this time, EMO does not have the support to be able to login to such networks that require you to log in to an external page.


For EMO to work at its best, an internet connection is required, as voice commands are sent back to the EMO servers for EMO to obtain and provide a response.

EMO will be very limited in the number of things he can do, he can play games that are included in the EMO app, also dance if using the EMO APP. but his main features and voice replies will not function without an internet connection.

Hope this helps answer your questions at this time :slight_smile:

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