Can not connect Emo to WIFI

Hi all, ive just purchased Emo.
I work and live in a hotel. I am unable to connect Emo to the hotel wifi, it just says error all the time.
The hotel IT can not find what is wrong, they have asked me to give them Emo’s MAC ID address, does anyone know how can I obtain this address ?

Emo sees the connection available, I input the password but it does not connect. The hotel wifi uses 2.4 ghz.

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Unfortunately I cannot help, and not to be rude or anything, but you are in a hotel. So maybe that’s why EMO can’t connect. Mine was just fine… I’m going on vacation this Christmas. Now im looking forward to have a non listening EMO. -_- ;-;

Recommend you open a case with living ai direct to get their direct help. Email them via


Thank you Wayne, I did so today.