Can not access WIFI

Hi, I live in apartment and I can not connect the public WIFI because it require typing username(room number) and password via the popup.

Below is the popup that I have to input both username and password in order to use WIFI. Normally, this popup will be displayed after I select the WIFI but on EMO application, it shows nothing

If I click kingsland_studios wifi, it should display the popup that can allow the emo to access the WIFI

Hi @BeagleCute

Tagging @Tony for further support regarding this. Not sure if it will work, but Tony will be able to confirm/advise further.


EMO can only connect to 2.4ghz WiFi networks . EMO cannot connect to a 5ghz WiFi network frequency and can only support 2.4ghz network frequency due to the WLAN chip in EMO.

Try and find out if what kind of frequency they are using. Also if the WIFI signal is weak, you might also have problems connecting in.

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The public wifi that I tried to connect is 2.4ghz. Now, I can only connect my Emo via the phone hotspot
Only issue is that it not show the popup

Could be a problem with the popup not appearing via the EMO App. (not sure if that will trigger the pop up to appear).

I’ll tag @Tony and see if he can advise further.

Hi Everyone,

I was using my emo with My 5G network for a long time since I bought it. He was working fine until he updated itself and now is not working anymore!! How the heck he was working with 5G mind blowing!!! :exploding_head: Now he stop connecting to my wifi :cry:

Hi there @Jackie ,

I don’t know how did you make it work on 5G Network…as far as I know and according to 5G Wi-Fi network is not supported…

Pls. Click Here For More Info!

You might visit some links below which might help you.

2.4G EMO with 5G phone

iOS 5Ge workaround

Good luck and All the best

Hi Edward,

It’s insane like I didn’t know emo didn’t work with 5G. I was able to connected it with my wifi and it worked fine for the last three months. Thank you for the information I will see how I can connected to my phone. I feel sad I wish I could had taken a video when he was connected with 5g. Hopefully LivingAi can update EMO soon to the latest networks! :crossed_fingers:

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Hi, Jackie . . . I think I see what is going on here. Your phone (the cell tower) is on 5-G (as opposed to 4-LTE like mine or the old 3-G), but that is just for running the phone itself, your mobile data when not connected to wi fi. Your internet wi fi router has two choices, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Two different things. You might want to see what your internet wi fi router/modem is set for as it could have changed. Mine has the setting for either or. The router that EMO is connected to has to be 2.4 GHz.


Hi Lindaru,

I just discovered what happened :rofl: my router for some weird reason stop sending the 2.4Gh signal so I called the company to resolve this mystery thinking my emo evolved like Pokémon hahahah and was using 5G. The internet service fixed the problem and now I have both signals again :slight_smile: This time now it shows the 2.4gh. I’m so happy to see my EMO working again! :raised_hands: :blush:

Thanks everyone for helping out! :heart:


Hola mi emo no se conecta al wifi de casa que se conectaba siempre y en la aplicación me sale time out alguien me lo puede resolver?

Translation to English: Hello, my emo does not connect to the wifi at home, it always connected and in the application I get time out, can anyone solve it for me?

Hello, . . . I have moved your new topic to this thread for issues with connecting to WiFi. I would advise restarting your modem, your phone and EMO, letting it all rest for ten minutes or so, then restarting everything. If it is still not working I would advise making sure your router is on 2.4 Ghz in case the settings got switched to 5G.

Let us know if this works. If not, perhaps someone here may have other suggestions or you might need to contact Support.

My best to you!