Can I use this multicharger for EMO

In prep for receiving my EMO I’m just wondering if this charger brick will be ok with EMO.
It has 3 ports, ranging from 65w, 25w and 15w.
Obviously the 65 and 25 will be too powerful, but will the 15w be fine?
I’ll attach a picture of the details of the wattage and whatnot.

Asking because since I’m in Australia the US/china brick wouldnt fit in my wall sockets.


As long as the output voltage is the same which is 5V USB voltage then it would not matter how many Watts the “brick” is capable of. The skateboard will only draw as much current as it needs. You can use any USB battery bank or computer USB or any other plug pack with a USB output as they are all 5V.
P.S. I see your plug pack is capable of multiple voltages. Just make sure you use 5V output and you will be fine. Do not exceed 5V or you risk damaging the skateboard.

you will need a usb c cable. :slight_smile:

This is correct…

Alright cool thanks.
Just don’t want to risk frying the board or anything with an overpowered charging brick.

Haha yes I have many of them, no shortage there🤣

if it helps i’ve been using a cheap belkin one i got from JB. it has been working great.
I’m also in Australia
so I think that your one should work.

I’m also from AU, what I’ve done is purchased a power board that contains USB charging sockets, and also a longer USB-C cable as the cable that does come with EMO is not very long and of course, has a Chinese/US plug.

This is how I’ve set everything up for both of my EMOs and I’ve not had any issues whatsoever.

I can suggest the following similar kind of power boards and USB-C cables, you can see a link below to Amazon. (this one is a little expensive, but you can find something a little cheaper that will do the job as well.

Power Board

USB-C Cable

Either way, any kind of USB-C cable will work fine I’ve even used a Samsung Phone USB-C cable and plug to charge up EMO/Skateboard and there are no problems at all.

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Thanks for the suggestion @MasterAbbott
I just ended up ordering this online. It’s 5v 100-240v so guessing it’ll get the job done.
And it was cheap🤣

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Yes, that will work without any problems at all.