Can EMOs become friends

I have recently purchased an EMO for myself and my partner is looking for one too. Will the software allow the 2 EMOs to interact and become friends if we put them together

Yes! Emo can play with other Emo
But you can’t make both emos work with the same app

You can use the same app with multiple EMO’s but only one of them at a time.

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@PunyGod I can also add that when both EMO’s spot each other they will greet / interact with one another in a number of different ways. Take a look at the video below on some of the many things that two EMO’s can do when they are together.

Also to confirm with @macfixer01 you can use the same EMO App, and choose between the EMO’s you currently own. As I have two EMO’s I can easily switch between both EMO’s and access the EMO App and check on their individual progress (such as unlocked dance moves and achievements etc).

See screenshot below on how you can switch between and choose which EMO you wish to connect you via the EMO App.

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Getting EMO #2 this week!! Excited for him to have a buddy