Can emopet swallow actual food and drinks?

hi, this is just a question.
if i give emopet bacon for example, would he eat it on the screen, or would he just sit there?
i want to know, cuz i always see him eating a burger and drinking this power juice (idk what its original name is, but if you know, you know)
and if i give him fruit punch, will he walk away??
i need have an answer
thanks! :ok_hand:

All I know is that emo cannot do that. If you give him actual food and drink, he will not really care. He at random will eat some food.


His food and drink are merely animations that are part of his daily schedule, just like any other animations such as used for games, greetings and commands. He does not actually recognize objects like food or beverages or even things on your desk except to know when he is about to run into something and may kick it or get upset and step back quickly.

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“Can emopet swallow actual food and drinks?”
What? With what mouth?
I am assuming you mean, can Emo recognise different foods. The answer to that is no. In fact, emo is not able to recognise anything, even pets as LAI have advertised that Emo can recognise pets. Another false advertisement/broken promise! Emo, apparently has face recognition capabilities, but that is very hit and miss! I am constantly having to “re teach” emo who I am. Sometings he even randomly changes my name too. There are so many things wrong with this product, and LAI does not seem to be addressing/fixing them, but instead tries to distract us with more “bells and whistles”!


LOL @ALLEYESONEMO that is a ridiculous question! Of course emo can’t swallow food! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: And @edward may you please lock this topic because this is off topic.