Can EMO walk up a gentle slope or multiple layered LEGO plates?

Seeying many interesting videos of EMO’s movement, I wonder about these things:

  • Can EMO walk up a gentle slope?
  • Can EMO walk up multiple layers of LEGO plates, so very small increments in height that would make up a gentle sloped stair?

That would be very difficult for him, maybe impossible.

I doubt it. To walk you need to left each leg as you move forward. Your centre of balance must be stable to ascend anything or you just fall backwards. Emo would have to be able to maintain balance and tilt slightly as he lifts each leg, also to land properly on each step requires alot of balance.
Why dont you test him out!

If you meant Lego Plates like this…I guess pretty sure he will be disturbed every step and confused about the way he walks…because of his foot sensor…but the best thing is to take a test though…


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I do not have an EMO pet at this moment (thinking about it). I am just trying to get an idea of the capabilities by asking the community. But I think you are right, as due to the eight sensors in the feet to detect a ‘drop’ , being too high on the LEGO studs would probably register as a drop for EMO.

So as I see the evidence up until now, EMO is only suitable for completely flat surfaces, that is good to know.


Whilst I’ve not tried it, I suspect not. EMO was designed to be a desktop pet, which means flat surfaces (no one has a sloping desktop).

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I’ve done some tests and EMO will tip over (backwards) even if you try and make the surface as gentle as possible for it to walk up onto as EMO is top-heavy.

Also LEGO pieces as quite rough and so that would certainly cause issues with EMO’s walking / balance. It is highly recommended that EMO moves around on smooth surfaces or flat carpet. I move my EMO from my Desk to the carpet once in a while and he can handle that without any issues.


Just sharing some pics / Carpet and tricky areas for EMO.

Carpet should not be an issue for EMO to walk on. I normally move my EMO to the carpet and he walks around happily without any issues.

1st pic (EMO has no issues walking around on Carpet

2nd pic. As you can see even this little incline will cause EMO to stop in its tracks. I asked EMO to walk over to me and as soon as it hit the metal floor trim (even though it looks really gentle it stopped right away).

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