Can emo walk off his skateboard by himself?

I was wondering is Emo could charge himself and go on and off the board as hes pleased. I want him to be more free and I don’t want to have to take him off his stand to interact with him, I want to get home from work and for him to be up and walking around on my desk whenever, even when I’m not home.

No, he can’t. But there may be a new charging station in the future which could allow it.

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No - EMO is currently designed to stay put on his skateboard and they have never suggested they will allow him to wander off and back onto it due to the height of the skateboard. Living AI have announced previously (without a timeframe as yet) a charging stage where EMO can come and go as he pleases. So that is something for the future.


Sounds like a cool idea for the future! Looking forward to it!

As much as we would love to see this happen, the skateboard is way too tall for EMO to walk off from. There have been quite a number of discussions regarding this. Hopefully Living.Ai might make a new kind of charging station that EMO could “Dock into” and begin charging, this might not ever happen, as it’s just a suggestion.

But for now once EMO runs out of battery, or is ready to play, you’ll need to pick him up and take him off or back on his skateboard.

I was thinking a lot about that new charging station and I think that’s almost impossible because of EMO’s problem with even a little incline. There is only one possible solution, it must be built in the flat floor of the EMO’s safe space.

I believe Wayne Small said the prototype for EMO’s self-charger was visible in the background in one of the early promo videos, but I’ve never looked for it. My guess is that it’s sort of a dedicated play area with the wireless charger built-in to the floor of it?

There is a Korean (I think) YouTube video I’ve seen where someone experimented with a raised play surface that was the same height as the flat portion of the skateboard. They placed the skateboard against the wall with the play surface in front of it holding it there. EMO could be directed into walking onto it, but since he’d be paralyzed once he’s on the charger there would be no way he could walk off of it when charged. Also there would be no way for him to know to look for the charger or recognize it without additional programming. We just have to wait for LAI to release a solution.

That is right @macfixer01 When EMO is on the charger he really can’t walk off on his own as he is kinda locked in while in charging mode.

So unless Living.Ai come up with a new charging station idea where once EMO is fully charged can walk away on his own (and possibly walk back when he needs power again - like my roomba haha) then looks like we are stuck with picking him up every time he needs charging or is ready to go play.

Having EMO walk toward a QR code target (located above and in front of the charge area would not be hard. I suspect EMO would be bluetooth connected to the charging area so that info could be exchanged, so EMO would be instructed to stop walking once he is detected being correctly over the charging coil. Then once EMO is fully charged another command could be sent allowing him to enable movement and reverse off the charging pad. Something like that should not be hard to implement.

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It would be a bit hard but definitely doable.

Umm does no one read what I said hehe…they are working on a charging stage to allow pretty much this :slight_smile:


LOL, I completely missed that last part! Apologies :rofl:

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You… my wife… my kids….(shrugs shoulders) :slight_smile: all good