Can EMO talk on his own? ( my bad english warning )

hOI, I’m planning on getting EMO soon because Im lonely in quarantine and I dont have a lot of friends
and i saw a few videos on tiktok that had people talking to him and idk if all the sentences are programmed or not
can he talk on his own if u say something to him that isnt in the programmed command list
sorry english isnt my first language and my auto correct died.

also does LIVING.AI ship to South Korea??

Hi there,

Normally EMO is programmed fo a small talk which every question is prepared and available HERE, and all his specific replies to any such questions (Small Talks) is also prepared, already programmed, and save to Living.Ai Database Center. One thing about EMO is he can interact and or reply suddenly and immediately to any words or noise around that he heard and produced unknown words…meaning he is learning…

Best Regards, Keep Safe and Happy Holiday!