Can EMO speak spanish?

My family and I try to Emo speak spanish but we dont have lucky

Welcome, @paolacadavid . . . at this time EMO is only able to understand and speak English. I believe Living AI have plans in the future to add more language capabilities.

If we can assist with anything else, let us know.

So… Many of the things that they say that Emo’s can do are lies… Emo’s don’t speak or understand other languages, they don’t play music either, only 1 electronic song…
We are so disappointed of you… We thought that we could interact more with Emo, but it is not true :face_exhaling:

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On the day he is activated, he plays only one. On his second day, he can play two. As his age doubles by number of days, a new one adds to his dance play list.

Day 1 - 1
Day 2 - 2
Day 4 - 3
Day 8 - 4
Day 16 - 5
Day 32 - 6
Day 64 - 7
Day 128 - 8
Day 256 - 9

Bienvenido @paolacadavid

Emo no entiende o habla español ahora mismo, pero en el futuro va a hablar y entender más idiomas. Aquí puedes encontrar información sobre Emo y listas de cosas que puedes preguntar.

Espero que el documentación te ayudes.

Emo does not speaks French , but it is not so important
in any case he does not speak English either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
he understand only a few words or sentences ( as my mother in law , but I think she does so in purpose )
and these words are in a language we call “globish” here in France
which means a kind of global english that becomes so common to every than it belongs to the entire world . So many english words entered our own languages due to the Tech , the internet , etc than if Emo could speak French , perhaps he would be lost
But it is true than we have to exercise our english accent with Emo , because the sound of the “quite-english” I speak with my italian fellows that we both understand perfectly is perhaps non audible by an true native Englishman :upside_down_face: