Can Emo learn new things?

Emo has AI, can he learn new things by himself(without firmware update)?

No, he is autonomous, but everything must be programmed in advance. There is nothing like a true AI on this planet. And for sure not for $300.


But at least he can remember your face and name and recognize you later.

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So… is it like a bunch of if statements? kinda curious on how AI works (not a programmer). I mean if self learning, there should be a way to add/remove new codes without outside intervention and other stuff…

Even companies like Google, Amazon or Apple don’t have anything at least close to those sci-fi AIs. And they have huge computing power. Something like AI isn’t possible with today’s technology. AI term is just used to lure customers.


AI is an overall word use to describe the technology behind processes. Part of the AI within EMO is used for sound/voice recognition (it’s part of the AI chip within EMO) and some of it used for facial recognition.


hmm so is still more on the “assisted” intelligence hehe. Thank you.

Come to think of it, a real AI may make EMO do things its sensors does not want it to do (Jump off the table edge, say bad words)… unless I misunderstood the concept of AI

Not understanding what a person says -wink-