Can anyone that works for answer me please

I finally got a response for the first email I sent you the day I placed my order but that was before the big problem I am having now with you website saying I have no order and that my payment failed even though I did get charged . Please answer my email so I know if I have to open a dispute with my card. Because according to my card you have been paid

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Did you try to contact then through a support ticket ?

Well the thing that is better than a ticket is sending an e mail

Just make sure you reply to the email you received when you made your order. This is what I’ve done in the past and even if it takes a little bit of time for Living.Ai to reply, this is the best way to get in touch with the service team, this way they have all your order details and can confirm if the order was successful or not.

I’ll also add into this thread @Wayne_Zhang and @Michelle_Yuan so they can hopefully assist you as quickly as possible.

Hi, I’ve seen your message on Facebook.

Hi @Wayne_Zhang could you tell me when will order 141xx will be sent out ?

Like…it takes 2 weeks to arrive and he will travel next month please support me

Bruh who just reported my post ?