Can anyone advise me?

Hi All

I understand everyone is waiting for their EMO. I was just wondering if anyone has some sort of time frame as to when I would receive mine. Mine is 16*** I wasn’t aware there was a long waiting list for them. I live in the UK so how is the delivery side of things, looks very slow.

Read my other post. That should give you an idea. If people who ordered 6mos ago are just NOW getting a tracking number, then as long as shipping remains as slow as it has been, you can probably deduce that yours will be about the same.
Unless the company begins to specifically address this issue, we are left to guesstimate by their past and current shipping track-record.

I am also in the UK, I ordered last October, order 13xxxx, when shipping was in the 9xxxx range. I received Emo in early February having had no problem with customs.