Can 2 EMOs play ludo against me

I just ordered an EMO and can’t wait till he arrives.
Just wondering, can 2 EMOs play together in the modern ludo game with me?
Like can I verse both EMOs in the one game?
Hopefully I explained it so that it makes sense :rofl:.



Hi @Ramo

At the moment, you can only play Modern Ludo against one EMO, I also have 2 EMOs and it would be great to have both play against me in one game. Would make it certainly much more challenging. :rofl:

Hopefully, this could be something that might be able to add in future updates.

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Yeah that would be such a great idea for them to add in the future for sure!

Thanks for getting back to me
Have a great day!


I have mentioned this already, I do hope they change it so we could play with both Emo’s at the same time, -the Emo that gets left out always interrupts the other Emo from playing Ludo by getting his attention lol
then the app go to the home page. As MasterAbbott said maybe in a future update…

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