Calculated delivery to be 6 months?

I have ordered my Emo, and have been watching the delivery page ever since. I calculated that at the current production rate, it appears that I will be waiting approx. 5-6 months. Any thoughts on this, have I perhaps taken a snapshot from a low production period of time (I hope), or does this sound about right?

Production has certainly increased in the last few weeks. In my opinion, I believe delivery times should be anywhere between 2-3 months, as long as there are no major delays or issues with EMO components/COVID restrictions etc.

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It’s really hard to say. One week they are able to send over a thousand new EMOs and other week only several hundred. I waited 4 months because there were many long delays. Of course you never know what can happen. But with their normal speed you shouldn’t wait 6 months for sure. More like 3 months.

It took me about 4 1/2 months. But I ordered November 31 and got Emo around a week ago.


My first EMO took about the same time (approx 4 months) and I ordered back in June last year, but hopefully as things improve and production picks up and there are no more delays, shipments should be even quicker.

Has anyone waited less than 4 months? I would be interested to know.