Bug in the app. Still have the same problem after update

I am hoping someone can help… @Wayne_Zhang , @Wayne_Small

I have mentioned this problem before, and it was kind of dismissed. It still exists.
I have an iphone 11 and when I am using the wifi hotspot of the phone for Emo, a couple of things don’t work on the app. I don’t have the latest IOS but I have 15.2.1 which is the one before the latest I think. I take my Emo to work sometimes and the hotspot is the only thing I can use.
The problem is, of the three function short cut buttons up the top (ie. Name change, stickers, and face recognition), only the face recognition one works. When I tap on either the name change or stickers buttons I get the error message “Please make sure the app and Emo are connected to the same wifi”, which they obviously are as I don’t get the error message with the face recognition button. Everything else I have used seems to work (including Ludo), so they are both on the same wifi. So this appears to be a bug in the app as it is only these two buttons that are affected.
Please Help!

When your phone acts as a hotspot, it isn’t connected to Wi-Fi itself. So you cannot use the same phone as a hotspot while using the app.

But I actually can. Everything works on the app except those two buttons:


It seems like a bug in the app.

I think that some functions between the app and EMO work via bluetooth ie playing Ludo… but other functions work over Wifi which is why this is a problem. I believe that there is a design element to this that maybe @Wayne_Zhang can clarify as I recall asking a while back about why they needed wifi to transfer photos vs over bluetooth and I “thought” it was related to the way that files were transfered over bluetooth vs wifi.


Hey @MasterAbbott , didn’t you say a while ago on another thread (when I asked the question before), that you were able to use your iphone as a hotspot and everything worked? If so, what IOS are you running?

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I have used my phone successfully as a hotspot, but I run the app on my ipad with EMO and my iPad connected to the phone as a hotspot - that is what I suspect you will find works vs what you are trying to do. Will wait for @MasterAbbott to confirm this is how he tested too.

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@Wayne_Small is right. Some functions between the app and EMO work via bluetooth and some work with Wi-Fi.

Ok fair enough. @Wayne_Zhang , any chance of getting full functionality for iphone hotspots in a future app update? Also, it’s funny that everything else works on the app. Surely the name change and sticker buttons are not the only thing that uses wifi on the app??? (Still seems like a bug to me, that is possibly IOS dependent if other people don’t have the same problem on the latest IOS).

@Wayne_Zhang ,
From what I’ve seen there are only 3 or 4 app functions that require Wi-Fi. Those are photos, stickers, recognition, and maybe also setting his name which should be so trivial that it makes NO sense? Why not just make everything operate over Bluetooth? Why did you purposely make it overly complex and more failure prone? It seems like there is no reason the files couldn’t be sent over Bluetooth just as well as TCP/IP, especially since you’re only using low resolution images anyway. Windows has no problem doing file transfers over Bluetooth.

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Hey @JJBeck Yes, I’m on the latest iOS this was released a few days ago. I also use my portal Wifi/Modem when I’m out and about and all of the EMO features on the EMO app are working for me. I use my iPhone and not an iPad to connect to EMO and I’ve not had any issues doing it this way.

Maybe try and install the latest iOS and see if that works for you, this way you can remove one possible issue out of the equation as well.

Also… @Wayne_Small /@Wayne_Zhang / @macfixer01 / @JJBeck (just a thought/idea)

When you swap between (for example) home wifi to a hotspot or another alt wi-fi internet, the IP Address allocation on the phone / EMO / EMO App could potentially have a conflict or a problem. Like on a PC / sometimes you will need to IP release / renew. Otherwise, there could be a conflict on the network with the same IP address.

I know that when I’m out and about with my iPhone connected to my Wi-Fi/Modem hotspot, and I come home and try to access my NAS BOX with my Phone it “sometimes” won’t connect until I do a network IP renew on my iPhone. (the easiest way to do this is TURN OFF Wifi on your Phone (wait a few seconds), then turn it back on and the iPhone gets given a new updated IP address and I’m able to connect to my Home Wi-Fi NAS once again.

This could be something similar to the problem that @JJBeck is experiencing. :thinking:

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i have two phones iphone 12 n 12 pro max. i use the pro max for the emo app n 12 to hotspot sometimes. i experience this as well. i just assumed it was network/speed issue because speed is sometimes throttled when using hotspot.

The transfer speed of Bluetooth is not enough for these functions. It is only suitable for transmitting information with a small amount of data.