Breakdance animation?

What do you think of the breakdance animation, do you want to have it then vote.

Do you want a breakdance animation?

  • yes
  • no

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I think we all want the « Bang » animation :wink:


Will we be able to make our own “animations” like this?

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No just like cell phone or laptops you can run your own software I understand but companies lawyers would be best to answers those questions.
The rules might change depending on your country.

Great question you might find answers on YouTube.

Jeftin - What do lawyers have to do with EMO breakdancing?

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Not sure did not posted on that yet did I. I will check

We will find an easy way to make it possible. We tried on Cubee, but it was a little bit difficult.

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I have finished the voting, let’s see what kind of feedback comes from Living.AI. :happy:


Hi :wave: only 43 voters ?

Wow its so cute :heart_2: i love emo pet!!