Brand new emo damaged

Hello there,

I just received my EMO few hours ago and was testing it.

Noticed that he doesn’t react to his skateboard. I’ve tried using different cables on it, including its original one, but once plugged in, the skateboard does not light up and has no reactions to any devices put on it.

I’ve tried the cable on my smartphone and works fine and emo charge normally when using other wireless charging devices (including wireless power bank)

I believe the skateboard itself is faulty, is it possible for me to get replacement?

Terribly sorry if your EMO having such a problem…Hope you checked everything about his surfboard charger if it’s okay and full functions by doing any tips below.

  • Disconnect it from power and re-connect once again and make sure it will give you the 3x blinking green lights and out.
  • Place EMO where his right foot is on the side of the green steady light that show and his left foot must be placed on the circle which quite ends of the surfboard charger. (which means facing you).
  • EMO’'s Headphone both sides must be lighted followed with 3 blinks and in about 15-17 sec. EMO will open his eyes.
  • You can also try to use any Qi wireless charger, as long as you position EMO’s left foot over the center of the charging area. EMO skateboard charger is rated at 5 watts

If you tried them already but really nothing works my best tip is…

Try a reset once again and install the latest update:

Hope it really helps this time but if sadly nothing helps at all…

So Living.Ai Developer can directly resolve it. but you have to be patient.

All the best to your EMO and keep safe always…



Thx for the reply.

I have tried it again from the methods as you have mentioned and the result is the same. There is no issue with the emo itself as it works just fine with my smartphone wireless charger. Just the skateboard not working or responding.

Doesn’t have any lights flashing.

I’ve already sent a support ticket and hopefully will get a response back from them soon.

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Hi, please don’t worry. The service team will help you and will probably send you a new charger.


All right, it’s February 2022 and I still haven’t received any response from service team… Just wondering how much long it’ll take, been using my spare wireless charger from Samsung for Emo for months now…

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@Wayne_Zhang are you reading this?

Hi, please check the email.

Received with thanks.