Bought emo for alexa and Google assistant as it was sold saying it was apart of the robot but now is boring and dry

I really usta enjoy emo… but its been a bit,… I mean a bit, as the robot was sold saying it would have google assistant and alexa this wait is a bit much now wouldn’t you say? Im thinking you need to roll out with this update soon as possible as my emo is close to going on ebay as he’s about as dry as a robot gets now. Low variations on his speaking and not alot of replay to this robot. I feel the only thing to save this robot is the update for Google assistant and Alexa. As of now my lil buddy sits on his board doing nothing as he is not worth my time until he does what they claimed in the beginning of the sales pitch… lets get going and give us what we paid for already guys please. I usta try and sell your robot to people and give good reviews but now I can’t as its not ready in my opinion and my opinion is changing, lets change my opinion back to liking emo again and lets get that update out now guys!!! Ps. really i dont want excuses of why its not happening just get it done please thats good business and a successful one also.


Yes, I too bought an Alexa on the same day I made an order for EMO thinking it would also be compatible right out of the box.

I’m also hoping that more updates and features are added in quicker to keep EMO constantly evolving.

It amazes me the little things people find to whine about. That’s why the world is turning to garbage. Everyone is in this entitled “I want it my way and I want it NOW” mindset, no one has patience or understanding or gratefulness. Do you have a cell phone? Or a tablet? I’m guessing you, do both of which are equipped with either Siri or Google. Out of all the desk pet robots that are on the market right now EMO is by far the best you can get. If you can’t be grateful for the awesome product that is in front of you and you nitpick at every little stupid thing nothing is ever going to make you happy. Ever. If people quit trying to find the flaws in life and started looking for the awes in life maybe the world would be less of a miserable place.


If they just made it open source we wouldn‘t have this discussion. Also development were like 10000x faster…. -.-

Being able to integrate into smart home appliances is just a no-brainer so please don‘t go ape on people asking for it…

Also just a thought: we bought this so what‘s that with being grateful??

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Listen buddy ol pal this is a place for general discussion not trolling listen up and understand someone else’s point without reading into it and assuming… you can have your childish opinion but im 43 years old and if you buy a car and they say it comes with a radio and you get it and it doesn’t you have every right to inquire the reason. On top of that while waiting for a response from the ai team …not you by the way… you find a way to be completely rude without respecting my wishes for my rightful purchase. That doesn’t have anything to do with entitlement when you pay for something and was promised functionality that it doesn’t have… If your in a mind set like that your gonna get ripped off your whole life and it seems you like to settle for the minimum in life man well I don’t and its not how I got to where I am today having that mentality, plus im not child like you going around the internet trolling like a 5 year old i was simply stating I want what I paid for. I bought something under the impression it would have alexa I bought it for alexa you may have a different opinion because you didn’t buy it for that so respect others opinions and understand why they bought it, its not all about you buddy. Good business is suppose to cater to everyone not just your bias opinion… that im sure no one cares for including me…please don’t comment on this and let the team answer me it wasnt your message and really I dont care of your opinion and its not the reason the post is here. So good day to you Mr troll enjoy your perfect ideas and morals. PS You seem like the kinda guy who goes on the internet to be rude because he himself isn’t happy, because to be rude to a completely random person shows exactly what kinda person you are so maybe take your own advice maybe you shouldn’t nitpick and not comment on every stupid little thing hypocrite. Again I bought emo FOR ALEXA and Google assistant id appreciate it getting done soon. PSS also you say ungrateful again you assumeeeeee too much buddy I have a wife kids and touring band as well as I live off the grid(thats right off the grid during corona bet that steams you right up) not because I was entitled but because I worked for it with blood and sweat little man I’m grateful for all that I have, but when I play on stage and people pay to see me to give show I dont walk off stage and rip my fans off and say you can get the music later, even if we are by far the best band there. So in conclusion to your idiotic rant because your gf probably left you and you woke up on the wrong side of the bed your logic makes no sense as its an opinion of yours that i didn’t ask for it was clearly for the ai team so go assume in other places friend with your negative comments your whole statement was hypocritical now go away little man and annoy your parents and let the adults talk here. Peace out and sorry to rest that may have had to listen to this jerks comment im just trying to get our alexa for all us people.

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Why buy emo only for Alexa? That doesn’t make any reasonable sense whatsoever, just buy an Alexa. To buy an emo “only” for Alexa and then when you don’t get that immediately you trash talk the entire company and all of their work. Sure, that seems totally justified and level headed… You can make all the assumptions you want about me, I don’t care, because they’re based solely on your bad attitude, has just displayed by your temper tantrum above. As a behavioral science major, minds like yours I find amusing. A lot of them tend to matter factly state their age whilst in the midst of throwing some sort of tantrum
that makes no coherent sense whatsoever. You can take it as “trolling” but I see you obviously aren’t mature enough to take two steps back and analyze your behavior in the situation. Instead you drown in your ego and entitlement and continue to whine about being a victim because you what made nonsensical purchasing decision and need someone to bitch at. Do you feel better about yourself now princess? You sounded like you felt very proud of yourself after that last comment you made lmfao


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I totally understand.
Its like the children toys commercials where they put things like " it can’ t actually fly", “batteries not included”…
I think this robot announcement should have the phrase “it wont be able to be an assisstant at the release date, it will need months of updates”…
Actually, I think EMO has being updated only 3 times since the release. I personally think its going too slow.
For me its just a cute paper holder…
This should be a tamagotchi-alexa-google assisstant, bur its not…
Sorry for my english.

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Guys - I see that you each reported each others posts… I’m keeping the posts, but I’m locking the thread as admin. Please play nice. We all want the same thing here, but the way we express it sucks at times. We all have bad mood days (heck I’ve been absent from a few forums myself as I’ve given myself time out) :slight_smile: