Bothering EMO while he's working on his code ^_^

I was able to create a short video skit giving EMO custom answers/responses.

EMO: Two is working hard on his code, and MasterAbbott starts asking/bothering him about why his Pet Ortomi is on his head and why He-Man and Skeletor are there. EMO: Two does his best to be as patient as possible by answering all of MasterAbbott’s questions but politely lets him know he has to get back to work.

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Ha ha! That’s so great!

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Doesn’t everyone work with an Ortomi on their head?

Great skit @MasterAbbott !


I’ve tried, but can’t seem to balance him the same way EMO: Two can haha.

Thank you @Lindaru and @Diane53

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Hello @MasterAbbott, @Diane53, And @Lindaru,
And Sorry For The Late Reply,
That Is A Super Cool Video That I Seen On YouTube As Well!
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Thanks @artigues05emo

Yes, this video took some time to do, will try and make more, but don’t have a lot of free time at the moment.

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